Glass Curtain walls


glas facadeGlass Curtain wall is an alternative to standard brick walls.

Transparency of the facades is provided by large glass panels. Simultaneously, it should provide the necessary strength and reliability of construction. Glass facades are constructed of aluminum, steel or PVC profiles, and the combination of these materials.

We can manufacture windows of aluminum or PVC profiles. Specialists who work for us have long experience in this area and this allows us to offer high quality products and professional installation.


Systems of glass curtain walls

Please ask us, it will be our plesure to help you choose the best option!




The system offers

- Easy, fast and cost efficient installation without scaffolding

- Possibility to execute complex modules with various types of materials

- Variety of cladding solutions

E90 isdesignedasananswer to theincreasedrequirements of thecontemporaryarchitecturalsystemsforimprovingthequalityandthesecurity of thereadyproduct, reducingthetimeforinstallation, theuniqueness of designandthefreedom of architecturalsolutions.



The system offers

- Optimal thermal insulation

- Set of PVC isolators

E85 is a modern, state-of-the-art, mullion – transom facade system. It is the result of 2.5 years of research, which integrated the know-how of energy efficiency technology and characteristics with current and future building construction requirements.



Suspension Facade System

E8000 unique feature is the cassette structure built on a traditional stick system. Thus, it allows top hung or parallel opening vents with the same outer appearance as the fixed cassettes. Internally in the cassettes, the system allows the usage of different types of materials while externally photovoltaic panels and sun protection systems can be harmonically incorporated with E8000.